A Transit Hub

Dubai has established itself as a leading logistics hub, thanks to its strategically located geolocation and modern infrastructure. As such, Dubai has continuously attracted major investments in logistics-oriented businesses, including its growing transit capabilities, which are powering its growing reputation as a critical hub to a broader regional market.


Air Freight

Dubai has one of the busiest airports in the world, Dubai International Airport, which serves as a major transit point for air freight. Handling more than 2 million tons of cargo yearly, the airport has two cargo terminals and features dedicated air freight services that can handle both general and specialized cargo. A second airport – Dubai World Central at Jebel Ali Free Zone, is currently serving more than 5000 freighter flights to and from Dubai.

Ocean Freight

The Port of Jebel Ali, which is the largest port in the Middle East, located in Dubai, is used for sea freight transportation. Jebel Ali serves as a major transshipment port, connecting the region to Asia, Europe, and Africa. The port features advanced cargo handling technology, including automated cargo handling equipment and a vast network of on-dock rail links. More than 140 shipping services are calling Jebel Ali port, moving and transiting more than 14 million TEUs.

Road Transportation

Dubai features a well-established and well-connected system of road transportation, with the highways network situated at strategic locations, connecting Dubai to other key locations in the GCC. The robust transport infrastructure includes the Dubai Road network, which comprises of advanced road transport systems and roadways with excellent navigation facilities.

Rail Transportation

The region has established a freight rail network extending over 2,500 kilometers, connecting several countries in the region. The rail links connect to some of the major seaports and inland logistics hubs, facilitating efficient cargo transportation.

Multimodal Capabilities

Dubai is positioned as a multi-modal transport hub, attracting international logistics players who offer multimodal capabilities that help provide an efficient and streamlined approach to logistics, optimizing freight transport by utilizing a combination of air, sea, and land transportation.

Whether you are looking to transport goods over land, sea or air – we have the expertise and resources to get the job done.