• FSC, SSC & Other Surcharges will be at actual asper airline discretion at the time of booking.
  • All materials need to be packed for air transportation by the shipper and needs to fit in a standard truck.
  • Cargo should be packed well before tendering to the airline.
  • Rates are based on provided details only, any changes charges will also vary accordingly.
  • Rates are applicable for General cargo/Stackable/no MAG/Non-DG/No Temperature Control.
  • Cargo should be forklift able only and any other charges will be asper outlay only.
  • Exclude duty/tax, courier, loading/offloading, stuffing/de-stuffing, lashing, forklift/crane hire, inspection, storage, re-packing, storage, re-packing, fumigation, special handling, truck/liner/port detention, demurrage, Insurance, non-original docs, overtime charges, HS code fee and any applicable charges to be billed at actuals.
  • Any formalities/certification/legalization/document requirement on shipper or consignee’s a/c or responsibility or to be billed at actuals if required.
  • Subject to carrier’s space availability, acceptance and approval.
  • Subject to Screening, GRI, PSS, CON, changes in surcharges and any surcharges at actuals valid at the time of the shipment.
  • In any case, airline/ airport authorities required to screen the cargo due to any other safety reason and additional charges incurred, will be charged back.
  • Transit time indicated on above is tentative only and it would be subject airline’s discretion only
  • The above quotation is based on today’s costs / rates of exchange and may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • Insurance is not covered in the quote.

Any of other charges are not covered on above and should be billed at actuals against receipt.


  1. Shipper must have a valid exporter code registered with customs.
  2. If any customs inspection, USD 70/- applicable per document.
  3. In case of any variance in gross weight, volume, or dimensions of the shipment, it will impact to the rate quoted. Rate will be revised accordingly, if required
  4. DG- Undeclared and termed as GCR/General Cargo on checking in screening and found Cargo as DGR, the cargo will be confiscated and the account of the customer will be blocked with FREIGHT HUB . A fine will be imposed by Civil Aviation which will have to be paid by the shipper.


  1. Please ensure to forward the supplier’s original commercial invoice with the company stamp/seal along with the packing list. If fail to receive then we have to keep a deposit of USD 330/- for non-original documents and customs will refund the USD 270/-  Penalty and Submission charges is USD 60/-
  2. The country of origin of goods must be mentioned on the invoice.
  3. The consignee must have a valid importer code, VAT # (TRN) registered with Dubai Custom and if any special permission required from the government authorities, then the consignee is responsible to obtain the same.
  4. The above offer is only up to consignee’s door and does not include any offloading/labour charges, crane, forklift, etc.
  5. The above offer does not include any storage charges, customs inspection etc., If incurred, this will be additional
  6. All goods imported into the UAE with a value of over USD 2715/-must be accompanied by attested commercial invoices
  7. Invoice attestation for import shipment with a value over USD 2715/-should be completed by online by the customer before the shipment arrives into the UAE. The Government cost of attestation of commercial invoice is USD 70/- + Service Charges USD 50/- + VAT
  8. If any customs inspection, USD 70/- applicable per document.