The consignee should have the below registrations.

  • Valid trade license to import the goods.
  • Valid importer code registered with Dubai customs.
  • VAT Registration Certificate Documents Requirement

Documents Requirement

  1. Original B/L or HBL – duly stamped by the issuing agent.
  2. Original invoice with HS codes and country of origin signed and stamped by the shipper.
  3. Proforma invoice and invoices with zero values are not accepted by customs.
  4. Packing list – duly signed and stamped by the shipper.
  5. Certificate Of Origin duly attested by Chamber of Commerce.


  • The above rates exclude port storage, line detention, Offloading in consignee warehouse Insurance, and Customs duty.

Rates quoted are for general /stackable cargo for the given shpt details only.

  • Please ensure to forward the supplier’s original commercial invoice with the company stamp/seal along with the packing list.
  • If fail to receive then we must keep a deposit of USD 335.00 for non-original documents and customs will refund the USD 275 Penalty and Submission charges is USD 60.00
  • The consignee should have a valid importer code and if any special permission is required from the government authorities, then the consignee is responsible for obtaining the same.
  • Offloading on Wheels – if Consignee requests to ground the container from the trailer and we need to pick it up on the next day, ie DROP & PICKUP – then a double trip will be charged.
  • Free time to off–load the container only three hours – after that USD 50 per hour will apply.
  • Customs duty will be billed at the actual as per the receipt.
  • Payment term – All charges should be settled in advance or if you have a credit account, the charges will be debited to your account.
  • Any other unavoidable miscellaneous receipted charges like customs inspection & its related charges, truck detention, etc will be charged at actual with the original receipt.
  • The country of origin of goods must be mentioned on the invoice.
  • The above offer is based on clearance & delivery during normal working hours only. If express clearance and delivery after office hours are required, then additional charges will be applicable.
  • The above offer is only up to the consignee’s door and does not include any offloading/labor charges, crane, forklift, etc.
  • The above offer does not include any storage charges, or customs inspection, etc., If incurred, this will be additional.
  • All goods imported into the UAE with a value of over USD 2714/-must be accompanied by attested commercial invoices.
  • Invoice attestation for import shipment with a value over USD 2714/-should be completed online by the customer before the shipment arrives in the UAE. The Government cost of attestation of commercial invoice is USD 44/- + Service Charges USD 27/- + VAT.
  • The rates are valid for invoices with a maximum of 10 lines Or we need the HS code summary list with HS Code, weight, value, and country of origin.
  • Any approval from Ministries, Municipality, or other Government agencies are consignee’s responsibility.
  • The unloading is to be done by the consignee at the consignee’s premises.